• Cancel anytime
  • No hidden fees
  • Split the cost
  • Free delivery

Household essentials, split fairly.

All your student household essentials, delivered to your door each month.

With a bndl subscription, you’ll never run out of household essentials again.

Split the cost equally with your housemates - no arguments, no fuss.

  • Cancel anytime
  • No hidden fees
  • Split the cost
  • Free Delivery

University students already using bndl:

and more!

Why bndl?

We as students know that every penny counts, no one student should pay more than the other.

Your bndl subscription will allow you to split the price with your housemates evenly.

Your bndl is designed to last a full month, so forget those late night trips to the shops.

Choose your bndl, and we'll do the rest. Every month we will deliver on time. No Fuss.

One sign up, a year's supply.

Forget about these products for the rest of the year, we deliver straight to your door each month on time.

Cheaper than a beer!

Bndl competes against the lowest prices in the industry for delivered products.

Peace of mind

No matter how messy the sesh, you’ll always be prepared.

No more arguments!

Split the cost with your housemates through bndl, so you never have to worry about chasing them for a couple quid again.

bndl has everything
you’ll need.

3-4 people

5-8 people

9-12 people

20 Bin Bags x1

50 Antibac Wipes x1

Multipurpose Cloths x1

Kitchen Foil x1

Washing Up Liquid x1

Scrub Mate x1

Kitchen Spray x1

Hand Soap x1

Freezer Bags x1

Candle x1

Toilet Bleach block x1

Bath Scourers x1

What will it cost for

Change the number to see how much you'd be paying for your bndl per month.

Start your bndl

per person, per month

Start your bndl

How does it work?

Choose your house size

Our bndl’s are designed for all different house sizes.

Split the cost

No more chasing your housemates for quids. Split directly through bndl.

Delivered to your house

Say goodbye to late night shopping trips for essentials.

Reviews from students

“You made it so simple. The bndl box makes me worry less about day to day cleaning and leaves me more time to focus on revision."

Flora Brown
From University of Leeds

“Simply the best. Me and my boys wouldn't stop arguing over this kind of stuff throughout the year, finally a bit of peace and quiet. ”

Josh Spivack
From University of Nottingham

"Why has this never existed before? Its an absolute no brainer. And at a great price too."

Archie Allen
From University of Bristol

Try bndl today!
Splitting has never been easier.


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