What is bndl?

Bndl is a monthly delivery subscription service, which supplies household essentials to student houses. Bndl lets students split the monthly costs equally.

How does bndl work?

Once you choose your house size, and your entire house pays their monthly share, we will ship out the bndl to your given address after 5 working days.

How can I pay?

We currently accept credit and debit cards. The shipping charge is free and included in the price of the product.

How much does bndl cost?

Bndl boxes change depending on the house size. All bndl’s are charged per month. A house size up to 4 people costs £20. A house size between 5-8 people costs £25. A house size from 9-12 people costs £35. These prices are for the entire bndl a month, not the prices per person.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time. Please contact info@bndlbox.com to process a cancelation. If it is just you that wants to cancel and not the rest of the house, the bndl price will automatically be spread across the remaining housemates.

What shall I do if a product is faulty?

In the unlikely event that you receive damaged or faulty goods please contact us at info@bndlbox.com so we can arrange a replacement.

Where are the products from?

The products are from a trusted wholesaler and are all EU certified and tested. The products in the bndl box are designed to last a full month.

Why am I getting charged for consecutive straight months and not the months I picked?

The payment provider we use ‘Stripe’ only charge you for the number of months that you have selected, however it will charge you from the month the payment was made every month for the same number of months that you selected. For example – You choose 3 months Jan, Mar, May. Stripe will charge you for Jan, Feb, March (consecutive months).

I want to pay my monthly costs upfront, how?

Email info@bndlbox.com and we can set up a direct debit for your entire house to pay upfront.