If, “who left their plate in the sink?” and “why is it always me emptying the dishwasher?” are familiar phrases to you, you may be aware that a messy house, leads to messy arguments, potentially impacting mental health. Although university students are often stigmatised as lazy and untidy, it is astonishing how keeping a tidy house can boost performance and thus improve grades and success.

Instead of tiptoeing around your floor, circumventing around the heaps of clothes from your blurred night out, imagine a clean and orderly space. It starts with the bedroom. Your bedroom is where your day commences, having a made bed and opening your blinds, certainly gets you off on the right foot. US Navy Admiral body, William McRaven, stated, “If you wanna change the world, start off by making your bed”. There is, of course, no simple path to success, but simple chores like making your bed cultivate mental discipline, as you overcome a mental challenge as soon as you wake up, and CNBC vows that 92% of people that make their bed in the morning have a productive, or very productive, day.

A messy house is not something with which you want to contend. Stress levels can be remarkably lower when you are tidy. Crisp, cosy sheets undeniably improve sleep, and sufficient sleep yields less stress. Decluttering your house and throwing away those unused alcohol bottles or that half-eaten pizza which you saved for the following morning will make you feel a ton better, both physically and mentally! Respecting your house means respecting yourself.

At university, you have to prepare for every situation, and first impressions are everything. We have all been in that awkward situation where you bring your crush home, but you know your house is an absolute pigsty. Your house is a true reflection of your personality, quite bluntly, if your house is a mess, you are too. A messy room can be a massive red flag in a relationship. So, get those rubber gloves on, and see your love life excel.

Cleaning can also be extremely therapeutic. It gives you time to be mindful and diverts your attention from your busy lifestyle. It also connotes the appealing idea of presentability. With anxiety affecting up to 8.2 million people in the UK, cleaning is certainly a method worth considering. Cleaning can make you feel more in control and less overwhelmed, it certainly adds to calmness. Alternatively, for those who despise cleaning, tuning into a podcast or listening to ambient, background music, can definitely make it more bearable and far less tedious.

With the Covid-19 crisis affecting everyone and everything, there is no better time to put your hygiene at the forefront. Areas in the home where food is stored, contains more bacteria than any other room. Some ways in which you can eliminate these harmful bacteria include disinfectants: wipes, sprays and solutions.

Reduce the stress and clean the mess.